Escape from Innsmouth

Escape from Innsmouth(working title) is a ‘Choose your own Adventure‘ game. You might remember them from books, in a time before machines took over control of our lives. It’s going to be playable in English and German and I’m building it in Unity(with the help of the visual scripting extension Fungus).
In the summer of 2016, an idea began to form in my head. As part of my job I had been working with the program Unity for a coupe of years. After I had been on some very basic programming courses I suddenly realised that I could make a simple game and tell a story with it!
„That’s awesome!“, was my first thought.

So I started to work. I‘ve been quite happy with the theme that I found eventually, and even if I didn‘t have as much time so far as I had hoped, it‘s my personal passion project.

Art direction

In the first week I explored what I wanted to do style-wise. I liked the idea of reading in an actual book, so this defined the theme and style. The artwork of the book seems to be serious, just like the story itself. The humorous tone slowly reveals itself during the game.

Ingame UI

As a player, you will be able to choose between dialogue options and routes through the game, and every decision you make will lead you to one of the story’s many different endings.
A normal screen in game will show you either a full page of text or you might be confronted with one of the key characters. If you can choose between different options at any point these are lined up under the Kraken.

In Unity I tested different ways to display options – I’ll probably add scribbled/written game settings behind the folded page, that can be toggled.

Character Examples

Concept for Playthroughs

As soon as you’re safe, dead, or worse, the game is over. One playthrough won’t take ages, but every time you return to the game it will be very different. At the end you will see one of two screens:
First, the unlocked ending! Each of these has a particular title and can be viewed again, in all their glory, in the Main Menu. For example, if you choose not to accept your mission in the first chapter you will experience a cozy night in front of the TV, watching old episodes of the Twilight Zone.

Additionally, you will see on a map of the areas in the game that you have visited, with a rough percentage showing how much of the game you have yet to discover…

…and from there you can return to the Start Screen and start a journey through new areas in Escape from Innsmouth.

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