Grand Gin Rummy

Grand Gin Rummy is Gameduell‘s game based on the popular card game called Gin Rummy. It was also the first Gameduell game made in a crossplatform technology that allowed to shorten the deploy time. Originally, the game was already planned to be done in a rather flat UI style(based on the popular app QuizUp). I had been brought in to develop an alternative style, because a Splittest was supposed to prove, that the flat vector style is what users would like.

Luckily, my alternative style won the users over, and soon we decided to create GGR as a cozy card game set in the roaring 20s. To keep the vision, I continued to work on GGR as the responsible Lead Artist.

• Creation of the Graphic Design, UI & animations
• Mockups and final, responsive layouts for entire UI of the app
• Discussing game flows with our Game Designers and UX experts
• Supporting the dev team, discussing the art requirements for new features
• Briefings for Illustrations & art tasks for our other Game Artists
• Creating final portrait layouts for mobile devices in Unity
• Developing and creating a landscape version for Facebook

It was a great and challenging experience to be responsible for the art of this game, which introduced a new technology to our team at the same time. At last, the marketing department of the App Store asked our studio for more art material, so we created more promotion material in form of banners, gifs and an animated video.

GGR was featured worldwide in the App Store‘s card games category and on their Twitter feed. It can be played on iOS, Android and on Facebook.

Final layouts

Early development

One of the very first moodboards with foreign collected artwork, that I created for the early splittest. Our team liked the warm style and the feeling of playing cards with friends in a relaxing bar athmosphere, so I went a bit further with this one.

This second moodboard went a bit further into a Art Deco direction and was done with my own artwork, it was presented in the splittest. I created the UI art, the character illustrations were done by a fellow Game Artist who got exited by the 20s theme.

Style Guide

A detailed overview of the entire look&feel of the app. The documentation includes guidelines for logo usage, iconography, palette, typography rules, textures, buttons and copyright information.

Score & rematch flow

An example for an end of game-flow:
After discussing the required specs with our game designer, I created this flow to display the achieved score and rank up or down. Before, I had already defined an animation style for the transitions.


A small collection of screens of the Facebook landscape version.
I started with rearranging our layout Psds, having the expected feedback of a desktop version in mind. After discussing the changes with our UX expert, I created slightly changed Unity layouts of the mobile version, which the team could use for the nal game. In the end, we didn‘t go for huge changes but decided on the versions which would allow a nearly direct port to Facebook without too many adjustments in the code.


In early stages of the development, I created UI assets and defined the style of animations that would be a guideline for further animated scenes and objects. The scenes still took place on placeholder backgrounds, which would be painted later.

This is one of my first experiments, made in Flash. Of course we tweaked a lot of the timings, the shapes and morphing lines made it directly into the game.

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