Planet Moto

“Every species in every galaxy can now race if they’ve got a sweeeet ride, even the Yayke-noos from Kroomitt, who drive with their asses.” Khash Kaevall, racer, poet, lover, nail bar manager.

After aeons of general bureaucracy and disagreements over meeting room snacks, the greatest race in the universe “The Planet Moto Cup” is now open to all, including you humans.

But let’s start at the beginning…

Last year, I have been hired by Casumo to support their Games Team, which is fairly new, without hardly any experience in how to set up a workflow for creating games. Casumo’s plan is to come up with their own selection of some experimental games, my former colleague Evgeny Viitman was the driving factor of getting me into this team. The thought of shaping something from the start with an artist who I respect a lot was interesting, although I would have normally not considered working for a gambling company. The project is still in development, which is why I can’t post full Ingame Screens.

Starting November, I’ve been working as as Game Artist, discussing technology and workflows with the team, creating UI, layouts, character art and animations.
It hasn’t been boring.

The game is currently being programmed in Cocos2D.


Vehicle Design

Animation examples

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